Touring the Art Museum!

Entrance to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Welcome to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art School Tour!  We are excited you are here and looking forward to showing you around. Please open the doors and step right in to the Atrium.

The Atrium of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

You and your students may wait in the Atrium. We ask a representative from the school to check-in with the guard on duty at the front desk. Tip: it’s incredibly helpful if you students wear name tags (especially younger groups!), but they are by no means necessary.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art Front Desk

Jack, the Security Guard, says hello! Please share with the Security Guard on duty at the front desk how many people (students, other teachers, other school staff, and chaperones) are with you. The guard will confirm payment. Admission fees depend on the school system, but generally cost $6 per student, with teachers and chaperones entering for free. Staff and/or docents will meet the group at the front desk and direct you to the Early Learning Center.

Getting Ready for Orientation in the FWMoA Early Learning Center

This is where the fun learning begins! Please instruct students to sit on the floor facing the TV. A staff member or docent will introduce students to art concepts, vocabulary, and expectations. We will then divide into smaller groups for your tour. Tip: if you let us know how many students you have in advance, we can let you know how many groups to divide into when we confirm your tour. Making groups before you arrive allows us more time in the galleries!


Staff and/or trained docents will lead the tour in the galleries. Students will get to see art and apply concepts learned in the Early Learning Center.

Students learn hands-on about printmaking techniques


Tours are all about interaction and discussion! We will be walking, standing, and sitting. Students should be ready to move, participate, think, and look in-depth at selected artworks.

Just For the Teacher

Staff and docents use scripts to provide the same learning experience for each school group and to ensure that we meet the targeted standards. We use second-grade standards in writing our scripts, which are easily modified for higher or lower grade levels. While the concepts covered remain generally the same for all grade levels, the use of open-ended questions and Visual Thinking Strategies create learning experiences that are unique to each group of students.

See example script here: CRB 2014

Fort Wayne Museum of Art Tour Evaluation

Thank you for visiting the Fort Wayne Museum of Art! We would love to hear feedback about your tour. Please fill out the tour evaluation here.

This questionnaire is intended to provide us with information that will help us improve tours offered by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. If you have any further feedback or questions, please contact Alyssa Dumire, Childrens Education Associate, at



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