Donald Martiny Talks About His Amazing Paintings


Brett Golliff: From Scholastic Art Award Winner to New Balance Sneaker Designer to Corvette Collaborator!!!

Former Fort Wayne Museum of Art Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winner and Angola High School Grad, Brett Golliff is a self-proclaimed sneaker addict.  Having grown up in the Michael Jordan era, Brett’s fondness for shoes began at an early age and continued to solidify through high school.  Before he could afford to buy Jordan …

Simon Donovan: Interview with a Public Artist

The Head of Simon Donovan's Diamondback Snake Bridge in Tuscon, Arizona

Interviewed by Jack Cantey Over the past twenty years, Tucson-based artist Simon Donovan has worked in a wide range of forms, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, performance, and public art. Since 1996, he has attained and created nearly twenty public art commissions in and around Tucson and Phoenix. Simon has also received several awards, most …