Cary Shafer Creates Tilted Arch

This first interview with Cary Shafer while creating his work "Tilted Arch". Tilted Arch was commissioned by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art's and will be displayed in the Sculpture Court starting Fall of 2012. Cary Talks about his training, his career as we get a behind the scenes look at studio and his process.


Simon Donovan: Interview with a Public Artist

Interviewed by Jack Cantey Over the past twenty years, Tucson-based artist Simon Donovan has worked in a wide range of forms, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, performance, and public art. Since 1996, he has attained and created nearly twenty public art commissions in and around Tucson and Phoenix. Simon has also received several awards, most... Continue Reading →

Kadir Nelson: His Work and His Process

Interviewed and Written by: Fred McKissack As a painter, Kadir Nelson has illuminated subjects ranging from Negro League baseball in “We Are the Ship” and Joe Louis in “A Nation’s Hope” to Michael Jackson and the lives of African Americans in the sweeping epic “Heart and Soul.” At Pratt Institute—one of the country’s premier art... Continue Reading →

Dedicated Arts Summer Program

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art hosted its first Dedicated Art Summer Program. The program took place June 20 through June 24, 2011 and was instructed by Nicole Croy with my assistance.  The students goal was to learn how to use a sketch book to develop their ideas.  In addition students were exposed to a... Continue Reading →

Dreams are Sails by Esther B.

Dreams are Sails from FWMoA Education on Vimeo. This video was created during the Fort Wayne Museum of Art Dedicated Arts Summer Program by student Esther B. Esther is an incredibly gifted high school student who’s work has focused on fashion and photography. This was the first film she has created. Her scholarship to the... Continue Reading →

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